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  1. So far the clinics that I have looked into are: NANA, Marble, Girin, VG, and Wannabe. I also looked into PS101 but the Dr. I was hoping to talk to (Dr. Paik) has retired. I have contacted all the clinics about what procedure they think would be good for me and about the pricing. They all have pretty similar answers regarding procedures, but some places are more expensive than others. All the doctors I looked up from these clinics are board certified too, so that gives me a bit of confidence seeing they're not suspended.
  2. Hello admin and everyone! Here's my intro~ I go by Empress online! I have been wanting to get rhinoplasty since I was in my early teens. Now that I am in my 20s, I think it is the right time to get it. I am currently in school and also reaserching information about rhinoplasty and some clinics and doctors in Korea in hopes of picking a good one.
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