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  1. Please can you try and add me again: JJ2time I am a foreigner and had to do user verification but it works now, also just using the app so I can get more info
  2. hello, looking for best facelift surgeon in korea, any recommendations?
  3. I have a short list of Doctors. It was mainly collected from research on purseforum, gangnam unni and in person consultations: anyone have any experience with these doctors or clinics? Dr Yoo young gi - 유영기 Roi Clinic seen: 4/5 really good gangnam pic and popular with locals Ji Won Lee(이지원) Braun seen 4/5 maybe not the main guy in braun Dr. Kim, Tae-Gyu , 김태규 Braun no, only does facial contouring Kyung Min Lee (이경민) V.lif recommended full lift 12m krw Dr. Seung Ki Youn - 윤승기 V.lif good B/A on realself Jae Yik Choi (최재익) Kai worked for BK before Dae Kwang Lee(이대광) Nana 4 would like to see more B/A on gangam unni 이연훈 woori maybe can consult if time Joo heon Lee(이주헌) Wonjin 02- 511-8880 Jun Hyeon Kim (김준현) Midline Beom Jin Kim(김범진) TUG 박정근 faceplus lee minkoo asps 4 scars looked big, review say too subtle Rhee Se Whan - 이세환 Grand
  4. is there a way to get kakaotalk if you dont have korean ID? i can only get the account but i cant send messages
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