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Food delivery app

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Does anyone ever ordered any delivery food service throughout their stay in Seoul? I've only come across Yogiyo and Shuttle while researching, and Shuttle being more English-speaking friendly since their app is all in English but some say their delivery fee is pretty high.

Anyway what i wanna ask is what is the correct manner to order food? Do you have it delivered to your exact hotel room or do you wait in the lobby for them to come? Do the restaurants send you metal cutleries and real plates so after eating you put it outside of the hotel room to be collected by the restaurants? ( like mentioned here ) or do they send you plastic utensils for you to clean up by yourself? I don't wanna be 'that' tourist who's being rude. 

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I recommend using Uber Eats.

You can have it delivered right to your hotel. The tricky part is inputting the address correctly into the app. If you are staying in a hotel ask the lobby staff do it for you. 

Make sure you know the correct English form for inputting your address, usually the app will auto correct it for you.







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