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  1. Hi Kaffy! Sorry been away from this forum for a while, thank you for the response. How do you like the result? May i ask who was your dr and how was the aftercare? I'd love to see your BnA if you don't mind to share.
  2. I'm from SEA and to be honest i'm really wary to do my surgery in the area, especially my home country. Not only PS here is considered somewhat a sin that make people instantly eligible to judge you, but i also think the dr(s) aren't that great. Privacy is important for me for that reason too. I feel Korea is a bit far from where i live so i feel a lil bit safer, as long as i can find a good dr, that is.
  3. Hi, Anyone have recommendations/had consultations with beauty clinics/ps clinics that does stemcell therapy/stem cell fat graft ? Is stemcell fat graft a fad? Have you tried it, how do you like it? Positive or negative experience are most welcome. Let me (and all of us here) know what you think. Cheers,
  4. Hi, Does anyone ever ordered any delivery food service throughout their stay in Seoul? I've only come across Yogiyo and Shuttle while researching, and Shuttle being more English-speaking friendly since their app is all in English but some say their delivery fee is pretty high. Anyway what i wanna ask is what is the correct manner to order food? Do you have it delivered to your exact hotel room or do you wait in the lobby for them to come? Do the restaurants send you metal cutleries and real plates so after eating you put it outside of the hotel room to be collected by the restaurants? ( like mentioned here ) or do they send you plastic utensils for you to clean up by yourself? I don't wanna be 'that' tourist who's being rude.
  5. Thanks Kino for the advice i'll keep that in mind to not mention clinics to any places I could be staying at. And yes please. I've been looking at some accomodations along Sinsa area and only dig the review through TA,Booking.com or Agoda. If you know someone that had a pleasant experience with a caring host that would be great info.
  6. Thanks Honeyjello! Yeah i prolly found them on Soyoung/Daum sometime ago. Mostly i saw rhino results that's why i conclude maybe they are good on it. Didn't really find v-line pics except the ones on their insta
  7. Hi, Does anyone know any info regarding nurse/caretaker in Seoul for post-op patients? Where to hire/are they trusted etc. I plan to hire one if i did go with v-line and lipo. Getting around and talking and what not would be a hassle.
  8. Hi C.S.H Thanks for posting your clinic considerations. Can you explain more about Nano and ThePlus, did you have consult there,do they speak English? Are they famous within locals? I haven't heard about them yet.. I've seen 2 post-op of 2 patients from Seoulista, i don't know what their style is since those 2 patients chose the different approach,one is high-straight bridge and the other isn't high but with a feminine slope. So-so aftercare from what i've heard. JJ.. I know someone went to Hong Jin-Joo, don't know about the aftercare but the receptionist was rude. Nose seemed fine from what i can remember. It was revision. I don't have any plans to do my nose but it's nice to have info about surgery in Seoul in general. Hope you don't mind me chime in. Sorry for not posting first-hand experience!
  9. Hi, I've been always wanting to do liposuction for the longest time. A year ago i asked for quote from 365mc, a renowned lipo clinic in Seoul but their price is through the roof. I am looking for another (cheaper) place while still maintain the quality of result. A girl i talked to recommended Naslim/N-slim but i lost her contact so i have no idea if she pursued to have her treatment there or not. From what i know is they quote different price for foreigners though. Also found this clinic from google : slim If anyone has any recommendations for other clinic/hospital to do lipo, i would be open to suggestions! Thanks and cheers,
  10. Hi, Has anybody heard about Ilumi Plastic Surgery for v-line? I think they are known mostly for rhino though, from the info i gathered. Link
  11. Thanks, Kino. Can i have your opinion on Korea's plastic surgery confidentiality? Will they be courteous about keeping patient's info safe?
  12. Hi! I'm a 23 y.o female looking to get primary v-line and lipo done in Seoul on late 2019. Found this forum when i joined another forum to do some research about surgery.
  13. Hi! Thank you for posting this. I just wonder if i had an appointment with any clinic and they asked my personal info, should i fill it truely? They also will be taking pics of me, how safe it is for me to do that? I am kinda scared that they will misuse my photos or spread it and/or any schemes.. People can do anything. I plan for primary v-line and rhino and it would be my first time to Korea and do such a thing for surgery terrifies me.
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