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Hallo ... I am sorry beforehand if my questions are a little too much (maybe wrong place).

First of all, hi I am a newbie in the PS groups too...

Second, anyone know something about Dream PS, Item, TFD, UVOM and 365 mc? I am planing to have facial contouring (asymmetry and face looks wide), rhinoplasty (I have low nose Bridge + asymmetrical + big alar), DES + ptosis (had already DES but its not symmetrical and look tired ) and liposuction (had one in the past ).I am doing my best to do my research on internet through forums and blogging and I couldn’t tell them the difference between the "honest“ review and "paid“ review. I know you can’t give reviews before doing the surgery, however its better if it was from un-paid“ one.

Third, are there any lawyers in Korea who can speak English with foreigners like me? 

Fourth, I am planing to go to Korea with my partner, however he will left soon after the surgery is over because he have something to do. Does anybody know where I can ask for helps such home nurse who can speak English? (I am sorry if my English was so bad)

If you guys don’t mind to share your opinions as it might be a big help for me. 

Thank you 🙏🏻

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Hi @Alyani,

Welcome to the community


Dream Plastic Surgery is a large clinic similar in size and departments to ones like Banobagi, View, ID, BK, etc... that has been around for a long time. It's brand has also has or has had overseas branches in Los Angeles and Singapore. This is going to be a larger clinic who is familiar with handling foreign patients. 

ITEM Plastic Surgery is a mid sized clinic similar to size and departments like Namu, Hyundai, Girin, Dessse etc.. that is also setup to handle foreign patients and will have English speaking staff. 

If you want to do face, bone and body work in one clinic, the above can do that.

The Face Dental is a dental surgery similar to EverM, EU, Zeah, JUM, etc... that does jaw surgeries and facial bone contouring surgeries.

365 MC is a body contouring and liposuction hospital, they are a larger place that would be comparable to places like BK, View, etc,

English Speaking Lawyers

It's better to first use government resources if there is ever an issue or dispute. These can be free or at lower cost.


Care Taker

It might be better to do a homestay (stay with a Korean family who rents their house to tourists), or an airbnb host that is very helpful. Be careful about this though, sometimes these hosts are undercover illegal plastic surgery agents, so if you stay with a host and they start asking for details like which clinics are you going to, and they start offering a lot of opinions and advice about which clinics are good, and that they say they'll make appointments for you and personally escort you to the clinic etc.. that's a sign they are working as a secret illegal agent.  It might be easier to just use an actual medical tour agency, and see if they have different service options for your budget. If you're comfortable with them managing your stuff, they might be able to help you with this, or you can try to ask a freelancer on job sites and job boards, but you should anticipate paying someone who come to check-in on you 20,000 to 40,000 Korean Won ($16 to $35 USD per hour). 

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