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Going to Korea for facial contouring this August

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Edit: So I don't really want to delete my post because maybe it is useful to someone [though I doubt it will be]but as of now, basically almost all of the information I posted here is now defunct as I changed my mind heavily about clinics, agencies [not using one] and surgeries [skipping a few]. Currently the plan is dual canthoplasty, full face fat graft, jaw+chin v-line. Not getting anything else. Just thought I'd make this small edit. Did lot of research on my own in English and Korean, and also got help from a lot of Korean friends that tried to find reviews on their own of the clinics I liked. Clinics I am consulting with in person this August: the face dental, hyundai aesthetics, top plastic surgery clinic [티오피성형외과, NOT top face, but I did contact them], and a consultation with namu. Might set a consultation with uvom too.


Old post: Hi guys. I am going to Korea this August. I did online consultation with ID hospital and they suggested:

Cheekbone reduction surgery and V-line surgery (Mandible angle reduction + Chin genioplasty)
Dual Canthoplasty

I also reached out to Dream and KimHyeonSeok Clinic, sent them my photos, and am waiting for a reply now.

Also, with ID hospital I mentioned to them that I want a fat graft for my face, but they didn't mention anything about that in their reply, so I am assuming they don't think I need it? But that is weird because I feel I really need fat graft. Even more than cheekbone reduction surgery (which I never mentioned to them). Same goes for philtrum reduction. I mentioned that to them, but they didn't write anything about it in their recommendation for me. Maybe I am not a good candidate for it, because as you can see in my profile photo, my mouth is already open even in a neutral expression.

[Repost of a post I made on purseblog, hope that is okay]

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Hi Bugtype, best luck on your upcoming trip! I appreciate your edit. I have a small child and very limited time for research, and posts like yours really help! I'm very interested in getting my genioplasty at the face dental. I noticed they have good reviews on RealSelf and the fact that Dr. Lee didn't claim his profile on RS gives me a good feeling, against all the heavy marketings from other plastic surgeon. Could you share, if you don't mind, how you get in touch with Dr. Lee? Have you spoke with him directly before your trip? How did you do your research? So far, as my research about genioplasty, I only know RealSelf, RateMD (Canada). 

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