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Square Jaw Reduction question !

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Hello! I have a pretty square face but a sharp jawline that my friends call "90 degrees". I was interested in getting square jaw reduction to improve the look for the front of my face, but noticed that most surgeons in Korea shave off that angled part for a rounder jaw. I was wondering if there were any doctors, or if it was even possible to have a square jaw reduction surgery but still keep an angled jawline? An example of what I want is how Jung Chaeyeon's jaw is shaped, as her face isn't too wide from the front but she has a prominent "90 degree" angled jawline from her side profile. Thanks! (also sorry for the excessive blurring, just didn't want my identity out there haha)





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One of the aspects of square jaw reduction is reducing the mandibular angle, but there are other parts of the jaw bone that can be contributing to the square shape. The best way to know what's possible or not would be to get CT-scans and face to face exam, and then mention your goal and preference. It really comes down to your anatomy, and the technique the surgeon uses to try to get to your goal. 


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My jaw looks really similar to yours! I have the same question about this also. The look I'm going for is to keep the jaw angle the same but shorten the ramus because mine is longer than I'd like it to be (aka vertical line of jaw under ears extends down pretty far, angelia jolie's jaw is a good example). I have no idea if this is possible though, I'll be going to consults next month and will see what the doctors say.

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