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  1. How did you contact Dr. Jin for your online consultation? The website only lists a korean number for his contact info. Do you have his Kakao or email?
  2. My jaw looks really similar to yours! I have the same question about this also. The look I'm going for is to keep the jaw angle the same but shorten the ramus because mine is longer than I'd like it to be (aka vertical line of jaw under ears extends down pretty far, angelia jolie's jaw is a good example). I have no idea if this is possible though, I'll be going to consults next month and will see what the doctors say.
  3. Hi, I sent a message to admin last Saturday morning, I'd really like to be added to the chats. Thanks!
  4. I've just started talking to clinics on Kakao and have gotten one quote so far from Uvom for primary rhino for: 5 mil krw bulbous nose correction, 1 mil krw hump removal, 1.5 mil krw alar reduction, 1 mil krw columella reduction. All together this is way more that 3.5 mil krw so I'm interested in what you're having done in your rhino if you're willing to share! Edit: Also, I can't find their kakao online, is that how you communicated with Item or did you use email?
  5. Hi, thanks for posting this review, I found it really helpful. I was wondering if you would be able to post an updated review of how the transplant has progressed since your last post?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm planning on going to Korea in Feb 2020 for rhinoplasty (fix droopy and bulbous tip, raise bridge, alarplasty for wide/flared nostrils) and some sort of facial contouring (considering genioplasty, mandible shaving, two jaw, or a combo of some/all). Also interested in female hairline transplant to make my forehead smaller. Would appreciate any general advice or clinic recommendations! I've had non-incisional DES 2 years ago but it wasn't in Korea, so I want to be as prepared as possible for when I get there. If anyone wants to talk about my DES experience you can DM me
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