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Where to get trustworthy research on clinics

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Hi everyone, I am interested in getting a rhinoplasty in Korea and potentially eyes and FC. Mostly, I have been browsing the Gangnam unni app and this forum for new clinics/doctors to form my shortlist. However, I cant help but wonder if there are other platforms which I am unaware of that I can do more research regarding rhinoplasty. I've read and watch some botched stories on youtube and have been pretty disheartened but I am still hopeful that if I find a reputable and trustworthy doctor who understands my desired look it can still be achieved. Hence, I would love any advice on platforms or tips on how to better my research. So far, I have shortlisted the below clinics and would love any input:

Lamiche plastic surgery
Lara plastic surgery 
PoP plastic surgery 
AnD plastic surgery
Eyeconiq plastic surgery 

It is also concerning that I have not really heard much of some of these clinics in my shortlist and i know i should not just rely on B and A's on gangnam unni so would really appreciate any advice.

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 Hi @starsandsky welcome and thanks for sharing.

Plastic surgery marketing apps are an enticing place to discover some new clinics, but as a classic saying goes across various PS communities, please take information discovered online with a grain of salt.

At the end of the day these apps are about marketing and advertising plastic surgery. And they are not designed to empower people to make rational and informed decisions, they are designed to do the opposite by undermining people's skepticism to cause them to make irrational decisions through discounts, dramatic before and afters, and sponsored and incentivized reviews. And in Korea these types of apps/platforms are heavily astroturfed (activity created by fake accounts to boost or attack clinics). This is especially true on a purse forum, where many original members on beauty hacker started. 

On 8/9/2021 at 12:33 PM, starsandsky said:

reputable and trustworthy doctor who understands my desired look it can still be achieved.

  • What look are you going for?

How to Research: 

Please read this really detailed post by @somedayskiesareblue


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I totally feel your pain - there aren’t enough reliable sources for us foreigners.

The Visit Korea Medical website has a list of clinics it endorses but I’ve not heard of most of them. http://english.visitmedicalkorea.com/english/pt/index.do It’s supposed to be run by the government. I also plan to stop by the Medical Tourism Center when I get to Korea and see if they have any advice. 

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