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How can I get around Korea without English?



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I speak zero Korean and found that in Seoul it’s not that difficult to communicate. When speaking to taxi drivers it’s best to show them the address in their letters. Some don’t understand our alphabet. Using google translate while not that efficient is also helpful. When asking for help I find that asking young people as opposed to older, will be better ods that they will speak some English. 

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On 6/27/2019 at 7:40 PM, Kimc217 said:

How difficult is it to order food at restaurants or communicate with wait staff?

Most wait staff generally speak Korean, unless you are at Itaewon area. However, you can always point at the pictures and get by. If you have time, you can learn some of the more basic phrases through this video (http://www.sweetandtastytv.com/blog/korean-phrases-ordering-food-at-a-restaurant) and this page (https://www.90daykorean.com/ordering-food-korean-restaurant/).

Alternatively, you can use the food delivery apps - the popular ones like Yogiyo are in Korean but there are English apps too (big chains like Mcdonalds, Shuttle for Itaewon area, Uber eats for Gangnam area, Helpmeemo). Supermarkets and convenience stores are also usually within walking distance so if you need a quick fix without the hassle of ordering at a restaurant, you can usually grab lunchboxes at these places. 

Hope the above is of some help. 

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