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  1. There is a youtuber who recently got her DJS at EverM! She has a whole story on Instagram where you can view her experience getting it. I think she said she'll make a video showing her whole experience. Not sure when she'll upload it but you could try to contact her for more information or questions you have.
  2. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone here has had recommendations for Lateral and Lower Canthoplasty? I am planning on getting DES but would also like to get additional surgery for my eyes, most likely Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty! I see that most people get Epicanthoplasty in addition to DES but haven't seen any for Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty. So if anyone has any recommendations in terms of clinics to visit or doctors, I would love to know!!!
  3. Thank you for this super thorough post!!! I will definitely keep this in mind when I go to Korea
  4. Hey guys I'm shyshoujo! I'm a female in my early 20's planning to go to SK for double eyelid surgery! Been dreaming of getting DES since my teens but tried other methods to obtain double eyelids such as tape through optifold before deciding that surgery is the only option that can give me the results I want. I've had mole removal surgery before and was thinking of getting a scar revision if possible in SK. Really happy to have found a community like this and I hope to learn more before going to Korea!
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