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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone in this forum has had vline where only mandible shaving was done. Most of the reviews I read / clinic pages about vline are mandible shaving + some sort of chin T/V osteotomy. For anyone who's done this, how was the recovery? Where did you get it done? Would love to have your insights! Thank you!!
  2. Hi everyone! I’m 24 and thinking about getting fc to adjust my square chin. I’ve never gotten surgery so quite nervous about the decision, but so thankful for this forum!
  3. I talked with dr lee briefly over fb and he was very responsive. I sent him photos from different angles for assessment. Hoping to schedule a Skype call with him before I actually go to korea...
  4. Bun could I DM you or add you on kkt? I’m interested in going to Tfd!
  5. Could someone pls add me too? Thanks!! Id: muffinkid
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