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On 3/5/2019 at 9:44 AM, kino said:

Researching Plastic Surgery in Korea?

Welcome to Beauty Hacker. We are a community of rational and informed decision makers. We are a drama free community that promotes sound and reasonable thinking for complex financial and medical decisions in Korea. 

  • Join our forum and get advice from past & current patients going to Korea
  • We made this forum because other forums are not managed or focussed on surgery have have too many fake accounts / reviews
  • We also have some chat groups below
  • Our forum does not work or load in Korea. This is done to block disinformation spread by aggressive clinics.


One important thing you need to understand is if you are basing your research on a forum about purses, then you need to know that most of that information there is fake. Korean clinics and PR agencies employ armies of English speaking Koreans to fabricate 1000's of fake reviews and online personas about plastic surgery.

This is why we made Beauty Hacker

Beauty Hacker is 100% Blocked in Korea, and we are a community of experienced foreign patients who seek real information and our admin group is composed of programmers, research analysts, language experts, hackers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, artists and psychologists. This is so we develop a community that is well rounded in both information and security. 

These are chat groups where we share information and support for others planning to go to Korea for surgery.

Download Kakao App: iOS | Android

To get the chat password / code:

Step 1: Make an account on Beauty Hacker (this forum)

Step 2: Sign into the forum click the below link and PM the admin to request chat pass code:




  • Introducing yourself and your goals
  • Asking or answering questions travel, beauty, etc...
  • Responding to some else's posts

Hi admin,

Will you be sending the chat code? I havent receive it since i submitted done 4hrs ago

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Dear Sir and Dear everyone,

 I wish to change my nostrils and nose shape:

- to pinch out the skin 

- to narrow the nose, in order to make it smaller.

- to stop the emboss discreeter 

My nose is so difficult 


I researched some informations: 

Open Rhinoplasty: Columella incision and additional incisions inside the nostrils
A surgeon can easily see the internal structure of a nose and perform a precise procedure which can bring satisfactory results. However, it takes a longer operative time than the closed method. It may leave small scar or redness if a surgeon doesn’t suture the incision carefully. This method is appropriate to those whose nose has asymmetry, severe hump, and severe deviation.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Incision only at the interior of the nostrils



Bulbous Tip is caused when the skin of the nasal tip is too thick or has excess soft tissue and/or the septal cartilage is too thick or big. It is important to identify the cause of a bulbous nose. Nose with plenty of fat: Resect the lower part of nose cartilage and suture as subcutaneous tissue and fat is removed. Nose with wide cartilage: Wide cartilage is narrowed and lifted to create a slim and polished nose tip.

It decreases operative time, lesser swelling and faster postoperative healing and avoidance of a scar along the columella. However, the closed method is limited to non-complicated surgeries (e.g. bulbous noses are not suitable for closed) as it limits seeing the complexity of the inner nose. This method is appropriate those who only needs to do general nose augmentation surgery.

Incision method: It is a method to reduce the alar size by cutting the lower part of the nostrils inner sides. Most of cases are appropriate with this method. Alar is also be cut directly on the outer side of the alar along the alar wings then narrowed to the desired width. Scarring can occur but give a permanent effect.

Non-incision method: It is a method narrowing the alar by tying the alar with alar cinching (gathering alar cartilage by stitching method). If alar is not severely spread out and only bottom part of the nostrils is wide, then this method is appropriate. Incision is made on the inner part of the alar and holds the alar cartilage by the stitching method. This method causes less chance of infection but limited effects to severely wide alars.


Who are the candidates for Alar Reduction?

- Those who have a flat appearing nose due to wide nostrils
- Those who have an arrowhead nose
- Those whose alar is fat and wide
- Those whose nose tip appears flared or wide


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