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Just joined as I'm interested in getting primary rhino, DES with canthoplasty and ptosis correction. also interested in non surgical jaw contouring (v-line scares me too much). Currently on the west coast of USA and traveling to Seoul in mid March of this year. Looking forward to learning and sharing lots of info ❤️

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Hi, just joined as I am interested in revision double eyelid surgery. I am planning to go to Korea in March just for consults, and am also expanding my search to China as well. My primary surgery was incision double eyelid surgery + medial epicanthoplasty by a doctor in Melbourne (who has now been suspended from the medical board). He made my creases far too high (10mm), and now I am left with sausage looking, sleepy eyes, with ptosis on one side and very obvious white scars when I close my eyes. I cannot ever use eyeshadow because it just clumps on my scars and makes it extra obvious. I hope to find a doctor who can fix this issues and lower my crease so that my eyes look more natural and awake. 

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On 2019/3/5 at AM9点44分, kino said:


欢迎来到Beauty Hacker。我们是一个理性而明智的决策者社区。我们是一个无戏剧性的社区,致力于为韩国的复杂财务和医疗决策提倡合理合理的思考。 

  • 加入我们的论坛,并获得过去和现在去韩国的患者的建议
  • 我们之所以创建这个论坛,是因为其他不受管理或关注手术的论坛的假账户/评论过多
  • 我们下面还有一些聊天群组
  • 我们的论坛在韩国无效或无法加载。这样做是为了阻止侵略性诊所传播虚假信息。



这就是为什么我们制作Beauty Hacker

Beauty Hacker在韩国被100%封锁,我们是一个由经验丰富的外国患者组成的社区,他们在寻求真正的信息,我们的管理团队由程序员,研究分析师,语言专家,黑客,医生,护士,律师,艺术家和心理学家组成。因此,我们开发了一个在信息和安全性方面都全面的社区。 


下载Kakao应用程序:iOS  | 安卓系统  


步骤1:在Beauty Hacker上建立帐户(此论坛)





  • 介绍自己和您的目标
  • 询问或回答旅行,美容等问题...
  • 回应其他人的帖子


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