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On 9/26/2018 at 12:48 AM, admin said:



If you made this far, please say hello, and share a message of solidarity for us to work together to get the results we're looking for.

Some suggestions say hi and just introduce yourself however you feel comfortable

feel free to mention your beauty hacker stack:  treatments you plan to do or have already done.

You don't have to follow this suggestion below, feel free to write whatever you like. 


Hey guys I'm bluesclue21 (userename / beauty hacker alias), I'm a female in my mid 30's, semi-active lurker, and been to Korea before and plan to go again. Looking forward to sharing good info. 

Planned Treatment Stack

  • Revision Rhinoplasty (2018)

Previous Treatment Stack

  • Rhinoplasty (2010)
  • Genioplasty (2012)

Daily Beauty Stack

  • Shiseido Gentle Cleanser
  • Paulas Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer
  • Anessa SPF 50

Hi !!! Im sookieshib and I am a female in my early 20s and I am going to korea for the first time this year!! I love the outdoors and dogs haha

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Hello everyone!  Grateful this forum exists.

Had a rhino in 2018 — assumed a skilled Asian-American surgeon with an excellent reputation among local doctors and impeccable credentials would be a one-and-done.  I wanted a septoplasty and to have my nose straightened, as it was quite crooked from the front.

I used to have a strong profile, which I liked, but he took way more off my dorsal hump than what was shown in mock-ups and gave me a very round tip.  Clearly not really aware of Asian aesthetics.  In the end, my nose became smaller overall — flatter, shorter, with an over-rotated tip.  He was also supposed to lower my collumela slightly, which he did not.  Now I have a narrower collumelar-labial angle, giving me a monkey mouth

I’m very fortunate in that it only looks bad in profile view.  But less fortunate because of an injury that left dents in my nasal bone and septal cartilage.

I’m guessing my best bet would be to see a very skilled plastic/ENT surgeon, perhaps at a major hospital or smaller clinic.  Finally going to get this fixed after many years.

Excited to join and contribute to this community!

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Hello and thanks for having me! 


I am female ,34 looking to travel to Korea for a fat graft and maybe a lift? I was damaged by filler dissolver 3 years ago and I am looking to try to recover my face now. 


Thank you for having me! 

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Hello, I’m thinking of doing DES and forehead lift in Korea. Doing some research for clinics. 

Has anyone used Beautique Korea for organising and helping choose a clinic? 

If I book in person consultations at clinics, how soon can I get surgery done without putting a deposit down before I travel to Korea?

I would like to have several in person consults before I decide on which clinic but I have limited time to be in Korea. 

Thanks in advance 🙂 

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