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Hello Everyone!  I've been wanting to get plastic surgery in Korea of the longest time and decided that now I'm going to be serious about it! I'm so excited to get started.

Desired procedures:

paranasal implant

facial contouring 

possible rhinoplasty?


Current Skincare stack:

OTC retinol

la Roche Posay B5 balm


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Hi there, I'm a 26M looking to have revision lower jaw surgery done + genioplasty. I've read through quite a number of guides (pretty dated but still useful). I assume the kakao chat is where all the activity is?

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On 9/26/2018 at 3:51 PM, prochronism said:

Hello everyone and thanks Kino

I likely won’t be as active on here. [cosmetic post 2014 - surgeries pre 2014 were not 100% cosmetic]

2011/2012? - rhinoplasty

2017 - lipo

2018 - v line (mandible contour, genio with T-osteotomy, masseter muscle electrocoagulation), bullhorn lip lift, breast implants, lipo, breast fg, face fg, gum contour, veneers/crowns

Planned: scar revisions, breast fg, face fg, lipo, co2 ablative resurfacing, acculift, submental salivary glands removal, veneers revision 

Considering: revision lip lift, revision rhino, midface augmentation, brow bone type III contour, endoscopic brow lift, calf reduction, thread lift, ptosis correction 



Just updating my procedure goals after the pandemic passed and I had a few more things done: 

2018: scar revision outside Korea (didn’t go well)

2019: crown lengthening/veneers (1st revision), breast fg (2nd) with 360° leg lipo

2020: crown lengthening/veneers (2nd revision), CO2 full ablative resurfacing (face), fat dissolving injections on lower legs x6, submental x3, arms x1. 

2021: PRK vision correction surgery

2022: breast fg (3rd) and hip fg (1st) with acellular dermal matrix and back leg/inner thigh lipo. 

Planning: circumferential arm lipo for face/hip fg, lower facelift, liplift revision, rhinoplasty revision, calf nerve ablation, paranasal aug.

Considering: lateral canthoplasty, hair transplant, CO2 resurfacing (on body/neck/chest), revision genioplasty with sliding, clavicle shortening. 

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