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If you made this far, please say hello, and share a message of solidarity for us to work together to get the results we're looking for.

Some suggestions say hi and just introduce yourself however you feel comfortable

feel free to mention your beauty hacker stack:  treatments you plan to do or have already done.

You don't have to follow this suggestion below, feel free to write whatever you like. 


Hey guys I'm bluesclue21 (userename / beauty hacker alias), I'm a female in my mid 30's, semi-active lurker, and been to Korea before and plan to go again. Looking forward to sharing good info. 

Planned Treatment Stack

  • Revision Rhinoplasty (2018)

Previous Treatment Stack

  • Rhinoplasty (2010)
  • Genioplasty (2012)

Daily Beauty Stack

  • Shiseido Gentle Cleanser
  • Paulas Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer
  • Anessa SPF 50
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Hello everyone and thanks Kino

I likely won’t be as active on here. [cosmetic post 2014 - surgeries pre 2014 were not 100% cosmetic]

2014 - rhinoplasty

2017 - lipo

2018 - v line (mandible contour, genio with T-osteotomy, masseter muscle electrocoagulation), bullhorn lip lift, breast implants, lipo, breast fg, face fg, gum contour, veneers/crowns

Planned: scar revisions, breast fg, face fg, lipo, co2 ablative resurfacing, acculift, submental salivary glands removal, veneers revision 

Considering: revision lip lift, revision rhino, midface augmentation, brow bone type III contour, endoscopic brow lift, calf reduction, thread lift, ptosis correction 



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