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Hi everyone~

Thanks for creating this forum! I'm planning to go to Korea in May 2020 for DES. Looking forward to learning more from everyone here and hopefully sharing info about my experience back to this group 🙂

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Hello~ I've never had surgeries before. I'm planning to do Nose, Jaw FC and arm liposuction. Maybe eyes and breast augmentation too. Has anyone done multiple surgeries at once? If so, would you suggest multiple or a few at a time? I will only have 2 weeks' time in Korea for the whole process. Thank you so much!!🙏

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One more question~ based on online consultations, I've been recommended Double Jaw Surgery but since I am actually fine with chewing and biting now, and just took off my braces a few months ago, I'm planning to do FC instead of Double Jaw to balance out my asymmetry. Has anyone ever done FC to cover up jaw assymetry? If so, please help!! Thank you so much😭🙏

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Hi everyone. Intro:

My name is Lan. I am half Asian half white. Just like how I'm neither really Asian nor really white [in my opinion, other mixed people may not feel that way about themselves], I can't decide whether I like or dislike my face. Pretty ambivalent towards it, but leaning more and more towards getting surgery, so much so that I have already booked flights and accommodations for this August [In Korea for all of August, as well as a few days before + after August]. Originally, I was going to stay with a friend, but in light of my very long trip, I feel uncomfortable putting her up for that long. I value her friendship and comfort/convenience [She has a full time job and lives with family too] more than saving some money on accommodations.

Little more personal info about myself cause looks aren't all that matter right? I love to make art [drawing and painting, both digitally and traditionally], I play a lot of video games when I have the chance, and I am currently studying computer science in college [takes up so much of my time... but I actually do love this subject, and programming feels quite creative to me]. BUG POKEMON ARE THE BEST.

What I don't like about my face:

  • Square-ish jaw
  • Distance between upper lip and bottom of nose is long
  • My dark under eye circles
  • Side profile of my nose

What I like about my face:

  • Front view of my nose
  • My eyes
  • Mouth shape [Just not position of my mouth]
  • Chin
  • Skin is naturally good

Regardless of what I like about my face, I still want my eyes to be bigger, and I want a sharper chin. This plus a softer and more feminine jawline.

Surgery plan:

  • Jaw + Chin V-line [Very vague on the specific kind of jaw and chin work I want done... I just know I want the jaw to be minimized quite aggressively, and my chin made pointier]
  • Dual Canthoplasty [I want bigger eyes, but I already have double eyelids which I like the shape of, so I won't do double eyelid surgery]
  • Full face fat graft [As long as it includes under eyelid fat, which makes your eyes puffier and cuter. I have it only when I smile, but I want it even without smiling]

Clinics on my shortlist:

  • The Face Dental [I feel quite good about getting my v-line here. I like Dr. Lee based on our limited interactions so far] - Very cheap price for the v-line compared to other clinics I talked to.
  • Hyundai Aesthetics [Originally wanted to get everything done here, but thinking of just eyes and fat graft now] - Second cheapest for v-line, but still significantly more example than TFD.
  • TOP [Not Top Face, but I became curious about them so I also messaged them today]
  • UVOM

I can speak OKAY Korean, so if anyone is in Korea in August and maybe needs a bit of help with some things [Though it's also my first time in Korea, and while I do speak decent enough Korean, it's not good enough to say, translate, or look at official documents, so it would be more like, if you wanted to go shopping with somebody where you don't wanna get lost without somebody who can navigate for the both of us] maybe private message me and I can add you on Kakaotalk. My writeup here seems very clinical, but that's just how I write. I am actually a very warm person.

Anyway. Nice to meet everyone.

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hello everyone! i'm planning to get two jaw surgery to fix my mouth protrusion and short chin. so far, the only clinic i trust is FD. excited for korea 2020! i've never had any surgeries before and i'm very nervous. good luck to everyone on this forum! 

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Hi everyone! You can call me Manon. (Any TOG/ACOTR fans on here?) I'm American and my ethnicity is Filipino. 

I'm interested in rhinoplasty (increase nasal bridge height, reduce bulbous tip), however I'd also be interested in eyebag fat repositioning or philtrum correction based on cost. I'm planning on going to Korea next month. I have flexibility to visit Seoul for a consultation and then schedule surgery at any time before late September. 

I've done some research on Namu, Dream, Opera, MVP, View, Hanabi, GNG, Marble and Banobagi and I'm getting overwhelmed. Every clinic has great before/afters so now I just don't know how to narrow it down. I joined this forum to get advice on how to do just that! I'm hoping to narrow it down to 2-3 and visit those for consultation.

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