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Hello! I’m a Filipino Chinese female in my late 30’s. I’ve had all my previous surgeries (upper jaw surgery, BA, Lasik, and tummy tuck with lipo) in US. Looking to get primary rhino and DES for hooded eyes in SK this summer. So excited and thankful to have found this site. Combing thru PurseForum was informative but also confusing at times bc of conflicting reviews on clinics and doctors.

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Hello everyone, 

I'm BlossomPetal. I'm in my young 20s, and I'm a mid-lurker. I recently joined the Kakao group chat for eyes and nose.

I have gotten des twice, in 2011 and 2012 in Kuching.

I visited Korea twice already(as an exchange student and for travel), I have gotten 3D eyebrow tattoo done in Korea.

I planning/wanting to get des revision (third time, and hopefully last time) with ptosis correction, primary rhinoplasty + septoplasty, flat mole removal/laser for sunspots and pigmentation. I am considering maybe v-line injections or fat dissolving injections for the cheeks. And I am planning to go to Korea in mid-April to May.

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Hi everyone! I’m from California and looking to get a rhinoplasty as well as facial contouring in Korea sometime next year. Just doing my research prior to my trip and hoping to hear everyone’s experience! 

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Hi everyone its me Alyani. I am 23 years old girls who like pretty things in life. Be brave is my biggest motto, however I don’t mind to cry for my feelings. English is not my mother language so I hope everyone here understand and can connect with me. Be happy to share my Kakao ID however I do not know whether I can share in this Post. 

I am planing to do my Surgeries this year 2019, the month I am still couldn’t decided yet because I haven’t go to embassy yet ( still in DE ) and haven’t enough information about the clinics in SK itself.

Surgery I am planning to take 

✨ Facial Contour 

✨ Nose job 

✨  Eyelid surgery ( pitosis + Soof muscle #sorry I forgot the complete name )

✨ Liposuction ( maybe )


Past OP

👌🏻 Liposuction ( Paris )


my daily Beauty stack

👌🏻 Nivea Zart cream ( navy blue ) as my Makeup remover ( whole face !!) 

🙏🏻 Shishedo Oil Clenser

🙏🏻 SK II pitera

🙏🏻 Dior Serums ( Glow + Plump )

🙏🏻  Origins ginsing Eye cream ( Day )

🙏🏻 Shishedo Eye serum ( Night )

🙏🏻  Dior Age defense cream

🙏🏻 Nitrogena stick light pen ( fight acne ✊🏻)

🙏🏻 Kora Face balm ( as my Lip balm 💞)

🍀Channels Parfums ( coco and original N5)

💄 True face, Channel, benefits, Dior, Estee Lauder etc

💅🏽、Channel Pirate

Mask I am using Bio products which is mean I made it myself 💪🏻... once a week. ( white eggs, kaolin + matcha , curcuma etc )

Thank you for letting me join 😁 





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